“[Goulet] has… assembled a fine group of actors for the piece. Gabriele Schafer nimbly balances Marian’s alternately maternal and coquettish nature… [They play] has more than enough twists and turns to keep the plot exciting.” — StageBuddy

“Marian, played by the lovely Gabriele Schafer, is a powerhouse of raw feeling who made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. She rides Marian’s arc from a desperate woman on the verge of boiling over all the way down to the depths of her own personal hell without skipping a single detail along the way. Watching her play the role of Marian is like watching Michelangelo build a cathedral – one brick at a time.” —

“Goulet’s… skills as a director are evident throughout, particularly in the performances he has drawn from a solid ensemble of five. Most notably, Pivec and Schafer exhibit a genial chemistry as Adler and Marian that makes them instantly believable as a duo with a decade-long history.” — Theater is Easy

Schafer [is] impressive in the ground [she] must cover, not just emotionally, but in terms of status. I found myself much impressed with the meticulousness of the whole affair: scripts, casting, direction, acting, set design.” — Travalanche

Gabriele Schafer develops two completely different women, each stuck in dysfunctional ideas about mothering.” — Lancing Star

“Schafer is best known as one half of the company Thieves Theatre, which she ran for many years with her husband Nick Fracaro, and was most notorious for a theatre piece they did in the early 90s in which they lived in a teepee at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge for several months. More recently, I saw Schafer play both Hamlet’s father and mother in a Butoh-influenced version of the Shakespeare play (“Q1: The Bad Hamlet” — produced by New World Theatre). The hair-raising performances I saw makes me to think there couldn’t be a better person to do an “erotically transgressive” one-woman show about Oedipus’s mother.”  —  The Villager

Gabriele Schafer is phenomenal as both Gertrude and the Ghost.” — Indie Theater Now