I’m excited to announce the publication of my book!

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For excerpts from the original hand-written journal and Nick’s serialized narrative about the same events,
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  “Fascinating, suspenseful, and touching… A must read for history buffs.”

  “This is a book – and a story – unlike any you will read. It is a true story… that is at once harrowing and exhilarating, amazing in some moments and absurd in others, and ultimately both tragic and revealing… Seriously, get this book. You won’t read another like it.”

          “This book is a revelation about so many things, history, New York City, the plight of the disenfranchised everywhere, but it’s made specific and memorable by the stories of the people of The Hill. Unforgettable and poignant, outrageous and thoughtful, this is a keeper for the ages.”

          “This book is about an incredible project…to explore the deep divide in America between the Haves and the Have nots…”the unspeakables” that roam the streets of America.”

          “I had to cry a lot, especially towards the end… [the book] brings this small chapter of NY history to life beautifully in its whole chaotic and brutal way, and also in its humanity – as a loving and tender experience.”

“When you are reading, it feels like you are listening to a friend telling you a story. Gabriele’s voice is warm and her accounts are detailed with information about a NYC that, for the time, was gritty and real and just a little bit scary…
A wonderful book!”